Confession of a Work At Home internet Business Opportunity Jumper

Do you jump from one work at home internet business opportunity to another?

Are you always thinking there has to be something better out there?

Do you find yourself spending to much time reading hundreds of emails, hoping you will find that special money making business?

Do you find yourself spending to much time searching the interent for that special money making business or opportunity?

That is exactly what I did for several years. I was making little or no money from the business opportunities that I had. I would constantly search the interent and read all the opportunity emails in hopes of finding that special money making business. I jumped from one opportunity to the next and never got any where. I was to busy looking for that "special opportunity" and I never really took the time to work and build on the work at home internet business opportunites and programs that I already had.

You cannot get bogged down reading all the mass of emails you get every day. You cannot get distracted by all the offers you see or hear about all over the internet. You have to dedicate yourself to work and build the opportunities that you currently have. If you have done your research and found yourself a few good programs, dedicate yourself for at least a year to these opportunites. Don't let anything else get in your way. Concentrate on what you already have. Once I committed myself to work and build these programs, I started making money.

Commitment, dedication, being consistant, staying focused and never quiting on the good opportunties that you already have is the answer. Keep your business website and blogs up to date. Start a newsletter about your business with a free subscription and build a subscriber list. Place classified ads and write articles and place these with the various directories all over the internet. Distribute flyers around your city or town about your business. Build and work the business opportunties you already have. Stop reading all the opportuntity emails you receive. Stop searching the internet for better opportunities. Stay away from jumping from one opportunity to another.

The truth is I already had my "diamond in the rough" and I didn't know it. By finally working and building the work at home internet business opportunities that I already had, I found out that my special opportunity was right under my own nose. I just did not know it was there. I was to busy being a Opportunity Jumper instead of working the opportunties that I had picked in the first place.

I have now confessed! You now have my penance.

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