My Home Business

by mariam

There is nothing greater than receiving payment checks sitting in the comfort of your home. Nowadays, this concept has become so common that most people prefer this over all other sources of income. The hassle of commute, overhead costs of running the location and additional employees is a big headache, not to mention hole in the pocket.

So, I decided to start running a small business from home. I live in a small Asian country called Pakistan. The people are poor and accustomed to hard labor. Therefore, I opened up own janitorial services. I now cater to offices and homes on a monthly basis. All my bookings are made either through my website or on the phone. As I am a stay home mom, so I make all the appointments myself. The staff that I have hired is on a monthly pay roll because that is what attracts them to this job. If I were to offer them a job where they would get paid only if I got work, then I don't think I would have ended up with such a loyal and hard working team as I have today.

In the beginning I had a bit of a tough time as I had to spread the word around, to advertise my business. It took many days of hard work and lot of contacts before I got my first order. And since then, things have been rolling pretty smoothly.

Most of my knowledge and help comes from internet websites that promote such home ventures for moms. I read a lot and did my research on which type of business would actually work. I came across a variety of stuff that I could do, and decided on janitorial services.

It's a highly profitable business and one where my hard work got rewarded adequately. My children never suffered from my absence and my household responsibilities continued to be fulfilled. Moreover, I made lots of money which raised my living standards substantially. The extra income was sometimes used for family holidays and sometimes for buying another car.

Eventually, my home business expanded and I got a proper office constructed in my backyard. It was an ideal situation for me as it was a perfect combination of professional and personal life at the same time.

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