Why Should You Should Join Abunza .......

1. You get 2 websites when you join Abunza. One in English and one in Spanish. This will allow you target over 460 million prospects including all Spanish speaking countries.

2. The products consist of a digital library of internet marketing training products and luxury travel rewards. You can retail and wholesale all of these products. They are in both Spanish and English.

3. You are paid 100% of everything you sell directly into your own shopping cart. This provides you with instant commissions!

4. This is a 2 tier program. This is not MLM. You earn $947 for every person who joins under you. You earn $250 on every sale they make for a new person joining under them. This is a true 6 figure income and beyond. This pays instantly.

5. Professional websites and landing pages in both English and Spanish.

6. Automated follow-up system with a very easy to load email campaign. Allows you to build your list for future sales. 5 Secret Lessons - Get your 3 Day / 2 Night Vacation

7. Call Center will call your prospects and follow up for you. This is very hands off if you want it to be. Includes both English and Spanish speaking call center personnel.

8. Training, webinars, forum, conference calls, opportunity calls for anyone who wishes to attend them.

9. Marketing-Co-op advertising programs, training on how to market online and offline.

10. And Much Much more when you join Abunza….

People are making 1k-5K in the first two weeks.

Your total investment to get started with your own home Abunza business is $1251. Please don't let this scare you. You can make this back in 2 sales. You have to be willing to invest in yourself to make the kind of money that you can make with Abunza.

It breaks down like this:

$947 which is our commission and this will be to paid to me, Don Fletchinger.

$250 to Team-Schuman. This is my sponser and my second tier.

$54 a month to Abunza. This is for all the products, travel rewards, websites and training.

You will earn $947 on every sale and $250 on each sale of the people you recruit. Your second sale puts you into profit. We will help you make your first 2 sales and train you to market online and offline so you can do the same for your recruits.

This Abunza business is the best opportunity you can find on the internet today.

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